Our Story

Paradox Distillery was born from the simple idea of producing top quality spirits that are truly handcrafted and unique unto itself. Our small batch process starts with high quality raw ingredients and then we meticulously pour over every step of the process along the way, from grain to bottle. Our goal is nothing short of perfection.

We are one of the few craft distilleries in Arizona and have the honor of being one of – if not the first ever – legal distillery in the city of Phoenix (we’re still researching the history books). The movement in the craft spirits industry is exciting and we are pleased to be part of the local ecosystem bringing the craft of fine spirits to the Valley. We take pride in supporting the local businesses and individuals in our community, and as we grow we strive to source as much as we can locally.

We look forward to sharing our love of the craft with you.

Our Promise

We work hard to make sure every drop of our spirits is perfect for your utmost enjoyment. We strive for only the highest quality and will remain true to the local culture. We are long-time residents of the community we serve and appreciate the opportunity to be a part of its history. Our attention to detail can be seen in our spirits and we stand behind every bottle. Our one mission, as always is to…

Never compromise the spirit within.

The Paradox Team

Mike is a passionate engineer and his skills are complimented by the wine that runs deep in his family heritage which is made up of generations of vignerons and vintners. Originally descending from Northern Italy, much of his family is still involved in the wine industry in Brazil today. Mike was born in Irving, CA and moved with his family to Flores da Cunha, Brazil in the mid-80s. Here, he spent 7 years growing up in an area that is known as the Brazilian “Napa Valley” because it is the largest producer of Brazilian wines.

Mike’s original idea was not in the distilling game but in craft brewing. While tinkering in his garage in 2011, he began toying with the idea on a commercial scale. To do so, he would first have to perfect the process on a small scale. While trying to workout the equipment he would need, Mike noticed a lacking market for an affordable all-in-one brewing system. This lead him to the idea of developing his own rig, but as he researched components he found the same suppliers selling distillery equipment. Craft brewing, at that point, was hitting a pretty good saturation level and this drove his attention to the craft distilling market instead. He began his research on how to start a craft distillery, a very sparse concept in Arizona, and in 2014 he drafted the initial plan. Mike’s idea was largely a secret up to that point, but as the idea moved from concept to reality he shared the idea with a friend who shared his interest and had a similar level of insanity.

As a native Phoenician, John has seen the desert town grow into a city filled with cuisine, culture and arts. He fondly recalls school visits from Arizona’s Official State Historian, Will Trimble, and was even on the Wallace and Ladmo Show (and got a Ladmo Bag!). John’s family has a history of entrepreneurship. During the Phoenix area’s mid-century boom, his family joined the movement with one grandfather owning and operating a refrigeration business and the other the pilot/co-owner of an aerial photography company.

John developed a love for cooking at young age and has always had a deep interest in the science and technology employed behind it. At the end of 2011, he found the perfect combination of these interests when he started his first ventures in home brewing. After his first few batches he realized that – much like cooking – it was all about proper ingredients, time, temperature, and above all, patience. John shared many a bottle with friends and family including Mike.

Mike initially shared his thought of starting a distillery in early 2014 and although no talk of partnering occurred at that time, John became highly interested and versed inn the local market and the changing political climate that began to favor the craft distiller. Towards the end of 2014, the opportunity to partner on the craft distillery became a reality and although John tried to play it cool, he enthusiastically accepted.